What’s going on in the market? A new wave?

As you know, the crypto money market has been very active in the last 2 months. More precisely, there was a huge loss of volume. This loss of volume scared the investor and caused him to withdraw from the market.
This market is a big trap for the funky investor. We can even say it is a great danger. Because sudden ups and downs can be a huge circulation of money.

Bitcoin, which was 20,000 dollars 2 months ago, is now around 10,000 dollars. This is a very large and abnormal condition under normal conditions. But as you all know, these kinds of actions are very normal in the crypto money market. Those who can not take this action need to stay away from this market. Excitement can lead to less investment.
Or there is another option. Short-term trading. To buy a cryptic currency that is falling in price and to sell it to raise it and provide income. Of course, this is also very risky. First of all, you need to know the money you will invest. Because there are greedy investors in the market called “whales”. and they manipulate the market.

Nonetheless, the crypto money market is a good source for most investors and a sector to follow. The only thing you need to do is to be careful and invest as much money as you will not be disappointed.

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