Charlie Lee has dependably been one of the all the more charming digital money engineers to take after via web-based networking media. His association with Litecoin has been all around reported, and Lee has likewise been posting some fascinating remarks in regards to different altcoins. Obviously, some of his current remarks have chafed a considerable measure of Litecoin supporters, as they feel Lee is playing Judas on the money he made.


In the realm of digital money, any semi-positive comment with respect to any cryptographic money undertaking will consequently make you a shill according to others. It is diffcult to be sure about any cash that isn’t Bitcoin nowadays, as the web-based social networking backfire won’t be amusing to manage. Gratefully, a portion of the more appealling people in the digital money industry are making their check in a constructive way in such manner.

Charlie Lee, the designer of the Litecoin cash, has set out on a fascinating “mission”. Not long ago, Lee posted some reassuring remarks about Nano, a digital currency numerous individuals are watching out for this moment. As indicated by Lee, Nano has an entirely “perfect” foundation and offers quick and free exchanges for all clients. He has additionally recognized that he possesses some Nano, probably for theoretical reasons.

It didn’t take throughout the entire that for some Twitter clients to take his comments the wrong way. One client rushed to assert that Charlie Lee was going down an indistinguishable way from John McAfee by “shilling” coins for individual pick up. While that is clearly the exact opposite thing Lee would do, it just demonstrates how a few people see this industry at the present time. The measure of bile, envy, and doubt in the digital money scene is developing to disastrous extents. At the point when this powder barrel detonates, it won’t be a pretty sight.

Here is Charlie Lee’s Tweet :

For those of you that are disturbed that I posted something positive about a “contender”, whatever I can state is too terrible. There’s space for in excess of 1 coin. I call it as I see it. In the event that you have been tailing me for a bit, you’ve seen that I additionally like Monero and Decred. Presently, back to Litecoin!

In his tweet, Charlie Lee remarked that there is space for in excess of one fruitful cryptographic money. Numerous individuals feel that Bitcoin is the main coin that issues and that everything else is rubbish. The same applies to most altcoins’ group individuals, who trust their coin is superior to Bitcoin inside and out. It appears individuals don’t need any positive comments posted via web-based networking media about monetary forms they don’t possess. This isn’t a positive pattern for this industry, as it will inevitably obliterate cryptographic forms of money from inside.

Regardless of whether this tweet will have any enduring negative effect on Lee, Litecoin, or Nano stays to be resolved. It is apparent that Lee needed to be as straightforward as conceivable in talking about a money other than Litecoin. He positively prevailing in such manner, yet individuals dependably take this kind of thing the wrong way. It’s an extremely sad advancement, yet it is likewise one reason why such huge numbers of individuals tend to avoid monetary standards that are not Bitcoin or Ethereum.


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