March 1, 2018 will be International Blockchain Summit Moscow, which will assemble more than 1000 members and 30 speakers from around the globe.

The summit will be held in two parallel streams from 10:00 to 18:00 in the occasion corridor “Infoprostranstvo” (first Zachatevsky pereulok, Dom 4).

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Blockchain – future advancements.

What’s more, the fundamental assignment of meeting is to influence you to some portion of it at the present time.

On two streams (Main stage and Financial stage) will examine the accompanying subjects:

– Analysis and conjectures of improvement of Blockchain;

– The presentation of Blockchain innovation in business;

– The specifics of the possess ICO in 2018;

– Cryptotrading. Who and what is controlling the market?;

– Media and PR. Instructions to “shoot” in the New year;

– What patterns and eventual fate of Blockchain, Bitcoin, ICO;

– How to make your status greater with help of digital currency;

– What it is ICO and how to be its member;

– How to utilize digital currency in your own particular business;

– Legal parts of digital currency and Blockchain.

Speakers who have affirmed their investment:

Cris Tran – Executive Director Infinity Blockchain Labs

Steve Swain – CEO and Co-originator Lendingblock

Alexey Voronin – Co-originator at Smart Valley

Antonio Ruiz-Gimenez – Managing Partner at ATW Partners

Alexander Nektorov – Partner at Nektorov, Saveliev and Partners – NSP

Constantine Goltsev – CEO, Founder at SolidOpinion

Aleksei Antonov – CFO SONM

Roman Kaufman – Co-originator at IBCG

Yura Parsamov – CMO at Kickico

Yuri Milyutin – COO, Head of item at 8760

Oleg Ivanov – Co-originator and CEO at CryptoBazar Fund


Facebook occasion:

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Place and time:

01 Mar 2018

10:00 – 18:00

Moscow, first Zachatevsky pereulok, Dom 4, EVENT-HALL “Infoprostranstvo”

Afterparty – Moscow, Kosygina str., 15, twentieth floor, Korston Club Hotel

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