In a declaration on its site, the stage said it was shutting the loaning operation quickly with the arrival of every remarkable advance. The notice refered to consistent awful press, including two Cease and Desist letters from the securities sheets of Texas and North Carolina.

Bitconnect has expressed that it will discount every dynamic advance at a rate which it computed from the previous 15 day normal cost.

With arrival of your whole dynamic advance in the loaning wallet we are exchanging all your loaning wallet adjust to your BitConnect wallet adjust at 363.62 USD. This rate has been figured in light of most recent 15 days midpoints of the end cost enrolled on

Inside snapshots of the notice, the BCC token cost plunged from around $180 to $24 in the midst of a general market decay over all digital forms of money.

As indicated by TechCrunch, numerous clients will even now have endured extreme misfortunes on their fiat, or Bitcoin counterparts, in the event that they had put resources into BCC, which is adequately pointless now since the stage has closed down.

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Various conspicuous crypto specialists have likewise named Bitconnect as a Ponzi plot, including Ethereum prime supporter Vitalik Buterin and Litecoin’s Charlie Lee who tweeted:

Turns out it was a ponzi all things considered. Sorry for those that became involved with this. Ponzis work since individuals are effectively tricked.

Bitconnect was a secretly run operation that enabled clients to advance their digital currencies to the organization for huge returns of up to 40% every month. A substantial referral framework created a fraudulent business model via web-based networking media, with clients utilizing their referral joins for additional commissions.

The advances were in USD however must be made in BCC, which could be acquired with Bitcoin. As its prevalence developed, the token picked up esteem and moved from $10 in mid-2017 to a high of $435 at its crest toward the finish of the year.

Bitconnect has expressed that they will keep supporting the coin:

Shutting the loaning and trade stage doesn’t imply that we will quit supporting BitConnect coin. Shutting the loaning stage will enable Bitconnect to be recorded on outside trades giving more choices for exchanging. This isn’t the finish of this group, however we are shutting a portion of the administrations on the site stage and we will keep offering other cyptocurrency benefits later on.

Despite the fact that with the token’s esteem moving toward the floor, reestablished certainty and interest in BCC remains an exceptionally melancholy expectation.


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